Girijyothi College offers students the opportunity to participate in different clubs and organizations which focus on social, cultural, political, professional, educational, athletic and community service. The participation with clubs helps them discover new interest, meet new people and enhance their educational experiences. Students get actively involved in different activities of their interest. They can make changes in the campus life and local community and develop friendships that can last a life time.

The various clubs formed in the college are:

(i) Arts and Literary Club

(ii) Nature Club

(iii) Photography Club

(iv) Anti- Addiction Club

(v) Entrepreneurship Developement Club

(vi) Media Club

Arts and Literay Club

Future artists and men of letters are formed in and through this club. It inculcates a love for language, writing and speaking skills and love for arts and literature. It provides a variety of opportunity for students to meet others and share their ideas and interests on literay topics. It conducts debates and competitions in speech making, essay writing etc.

Nature Club

In consideration of the future generations we have a great responsibility to protect our environment. Its importance can never be overlooked. The Nature Club is intended to create an attitude and love among students to protect nature. It has a number of activities like putting flexes and signs on the campus, conducting competitions on important occasions, organizing nature camp, trecking and thus, providing environment education to all.

Photography Club

Girijyothi College promotes photography through photography club. Instilling photographic skills will improve original thinking and promote creativity. Photos can boost self-esteem. The club takes initiatives to promote photography contest, exhibitions, quiz competitions etc. The club will have the potential to entertain as well as enrich the students with dynamism. With this club, the students can catch a spark of monitoring the unexplored dimension of real truth through lence.

Anti-Addiction Club

This club is meant to make the students aware of the dangers of the misuse of alcohol, drugs and other narcotic stuff. It organizes programme like campus workshop, seminars, campaigns, pamphlet distribution and conduct street plays and rallies. It generally aims at the prevention and management of substance abuse with student participation.

Entrepreneurship Developement Club

The Business Club works collectively to develop the business awareness among students and promotes discussion and debate of free market economies and policies with one another. The club provides wonderful opportunities for students to associate with one another and to participate in activities, both in and out of college that will benefit greatly in their training for future entrepreneurs. The club is proposed to conduct some motivation programmes by some of the eminent entrepreneurs in business. As a member of business club, students have opportunity to gain new ideas and inspiration to initiate new start-ups with confidence.

Media Club

Media Club is an initiative of Girijyothi Students to develop their tastes and talents on mass media. Students shoot their creativity and share the information with the students and the general public by using social and other electronic medias. They create short films,promo videos,useful video tips on various topics and share this information to the people in and around the region.