The rules and regulations of the College are framed to maintain a calm and serene campus atmosphere. The student community is bound to abide by such rules along with the directions to be issued by the Hon: High Court and Competent Authorities from time to time.

1) College follows five day working rule with class hours from 09:30 am to 03:30 pm.

2) Students should wear college uniform on all days execept Wednesadys.

3) Attendance will be marked at the beginning of each period. Every student shall attend to classes regularly and punctually.

4) Politics and Political activities are strictly banned in the Campus. Students are forbidden from organizing or attending meetings supported by political parties within the campus. Students, under no circumstance, shall disrupt the class or interfere with the peaceful functioning of the college.

5)Ragging/teasing/intimidating/harassing using words of abuse etc on other students within the campus or outside are punishable crimes. According to the prohibition of the Ragging Act Kerala 1998, Section 3 whenever a complaint in writing is registered about ragging from any student or a teacher of an educational institution/hostel or the parent or guardian of the student either inside or outside the institution, the Principal is bound to take appropriate action by reporting to the police in accordance with the said Act

Students involved in such acts will be properly punished which may amount to

(i) Imprisonment up to two years.

(ii) A fine up to Rs10,000 and

(iii) Dismissal from the College.

6) Government has banned the use of mobile phones in College Campus vide G.O NO Rt/NO 346/05.HE dtd 1/3/2005. Students are not allowed to bring or use mobile phones in the campus. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against those who violate the instructions. Students can use the local phone installed at the office on emergency with the permission of Principal.

7. Vehicles are to be parked only in the space provided for the purpose. No vehicle is allowed to ply through the campus.

8) Every student shall wear his/her identity card daily

9)Students should not enter or leave class room without permission of the teacher concerned. If a student leaves the college during class hours, he/she should register in Movement Register kept at the staff room and obtain proper permission from teachers in this regard.

10)During free hours, the students are advised to make use of the library. No one should be found loitering on the veranda causing disturbance to other classes.

11)Smoking, use of alcohol, drugs, or any narcotic stuff are strictly prohibited in the college premises.

12)Students are not permitted to throw any waste materials on the floor or ground, but drop them in the dust bins kept for the purpose.

13). Students should keep modesty in dressing, use refined language and behave politely.

14)When a teacher or a visitor enters the class room the students are directed to stand up, greet and remain standing until they are directed to sit

15)Every student should respect all staff members and greet them on the occasion of first meeting.

16)They shall not deface the college walls, doors, windows and furniture by writing bills, engraving, and stamping, pasting etc.The loss or damage caused to the college articles will be made good from the student concerned.

17) No student shall address any gathering in the college premises without the permission of Principal.

18)Indecent behavior towards the opposite sex will be viewed seriously.

19)Students strike is strictly banned inside the campus.

20)Observe silence during prayer. Every student must be in the class room after the second bell in the morning.

21)Students are encourgaged to use English for communication as part of academic formation.

22). If a student is absent on any of the working day, he/she should submit leave application in the prescribed format to the class teacher on the next day.

23)Students absenting themselves for more than 10 working days without proper leave will be considered as unauthorized absentees. If they fail to present sufficient reasons, their names will be removed from the rolls.

24)If a student has a grievance of any kind whatsoever, it is to be brought to the notice of the Grievance Redressal Cell in writing. The cell in consultation with the Principal shall take necessary steps to resolve such grievances.