Grievance Redressal Cell

A three level system for the redressal of the students' grievances is functioning in the college to settle grievances of students. Grievances pertaining to academic matters will be taken up by the class teachers concerned at the first level. Grievances, if any, will be further heard by the respective Head of Department at the second level. At the Appellate level, unsettled issues will be set right by the principal in consultation with the college council. The decision of the Principal shall be final. There is also a separate grievance redressal mechanism for the internal examination.


1. Mr. Sivaprasad N. (Dept. of English)

2. Ms. Bubly Scaria (Dept. of Commmerce)

3. Mr. Jishnu S Nair ( Dept. of Malayalam)

4. Ms. Sobhanakumari K.S (Dept. of Commerce)