Parents Teachers Association (PTA)

The Parent Teacher Association has been constituted in the college to give the guardians ample opportunities to get connected with all the activities of the college. Thus the parents can actively participate in the planning and implementation of all matters pertaining to the physical, mental and moral growth of the students. It is the common platform where the parents can share ideas, concerns and experiences. All parents are enrolled as members of the PTA. The general assembly elects the representatives. The representatives elect the president and the vice president. The executive committee meets from time to time. Suggestions and observations of the members are considered seriously and will be implemented whereever feasible.

Mr. P.K. Sasimon (President)

Mrs. Philomina John (Vice President)

Executive Committee Members

1) Mr. Sathyan P.N

2) Ms. Annice Sudam

3) Mr. Biju T.P

4) Ms. Omana M.G

5) Mr. Thomas Kurian

6) Mr. Robert Mathew

7) Mr. Jolly Varghese